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Wholesale Automatic Transmissions is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 1992 by Rodney Hudson-Davies and Stuart Kitto and has become one of the most reputable automatic transmission shops within Australia and is a major supplier of automatic transmissions, parts and accessories to our customers throughout the world.

Our technical and development departments have contributed heavily to our growth over the years, this has put our company at the forefront of the four wheel drive world with our heavy duty four wheel drive automatic transmissions, valve bodies, adapters, conversion kits, stand alone computer systems and a large range of accessories that have been sold throughout the nation and the world with great results.

Our facilities at Wholesale Automatics have become technically advanced in order to keep our diagnostic team up to date with all the latest model cars and their electrical and computer systems.

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions specialises in all vehicles including all passenger cars, 4 wheel drives and all commercial and industrial transmissions.


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Factory 2/4 Melrich Rd Bayswater Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3153
Ph : (03) 9762 8004 - Fax : (03) 9762 8108

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